About us

About GnestaPenseln

What GnestaPenseln stands for:
Swedish handicraft of the highest quality using an all-round simple but elegant design. A purity and naturalness using nature´s raw materials and modern packeting techniques without unnecessary waste of our earth´s resources. 

Some examples:
 - Pure Chinese 90 tops pig´s bristle culled from livestock
 - Ergonomically formed handles of alderwood and of birch plywood in flat brushes
 - Branding stamped handles
 - Cellophane packed brushes, thus not shrinking plastic (our method allows for optimal form of brush tip)
 - Care instructions recommending effective, environmentally adapted solutions for brush cleaning. 

Specific GnestaPenseln details that make a difference:
 - The 90 tops pig´s bristle is absolute top quality, carefully chosen, specially prepared with the help of a unique boiling technique where “straggly bristle” is totally eliminated. 90 tops quality is today the prime quality available. 90 tops means that 90 % of a brush´s bristle hairs are of the same length. In a succession of phases the bristle goes through a refinement process approaching 100% tops quality. It is the tip of a brush that should be well filled in order to be able to spread the paint finely on to the underlying surface. GnestaPenseln is here the only firm to use this advanced method today.

 - The trimming of the bristle is done with care so that the natural partition of the hairs is left unimpaired. It is this very partitioning that makes the natural hairs unique in its position lying close to the surface underneath at the same time retaining and spreading the colour. Even our heaviest brush whose bristle is well filled with paint and has no straggly bristle can be economically used.

 - Most of our brush designs are cast in one piece which means that the bristle under the tinplate is glued to the handle. The brush will therefore last longer and there are no water pockets under the tinplate.

 - A number of our various brushes today have rustproof tinplates which adds to the life of the brush when water-based colours are being used.

 - The shape of the GnestaPenseln handle has been developed in consultation with physiotherapists in order to produce an ergonomically correctly designed handle, all with a view to preventing a locking and fatigue of the small muscle groups of the forearm of the user.

 - Easily comprehensible care instructions are enclosed with our bigger brushes giving the user a long-lasting personal quality tool. These instructions are easily understood and, if carefully followed, lead to the brushes being in an excellent, not to say a surprisingly good, state of preservation. The professional user is thus given the possibility of working his or her way forward to using a brush in the most congenial manner according to their own preferences and, at the same time, familiarising themselves with the value of their tool and therefore also appreciating its unique capacity for achieving a perfect, finished product. Brushes made of natural bristle which have been used to fit a professional user constitute one of a true craftsman´s most important tools. This is what characterises the true professional, what separates him or her from the talented amateur, in other words the artisan from the dauber.

 - The care instructions put an end to the throwaway mentality. The constant acquisition of new brushes is both a waste of the user´s time and effort when having to buy new brushes every now and then - not to mention the professional quality of the job! If followed, our care instructions guarantee life-long customer satisfaction!

 - GnestaPenseln is eminently suited to today´s water-based colour selection. The natural bristle possesses all he qualities that a synthetic-fibre brush is supposed to emulate, e.g. the tip partition and the conical bristle profile which gives the brush the desired elasticity. In addition, the natural bristle is equipped with barbs around each hair something which the synthetic brush lacks. This enables the natural brush to retain and spread the paint more evenly which means that the user doesn´t have to dip the brush into the pot quite as often, thereby saving both time and money. Also, our paintbrush gives greater satisfaction as this quality product leads to a unique, direct and positive end product. This “direct” quality is essential with regard to the very character of water-based colours. Today´s modern colours make heavier demands than earlier on the existing brushes on the market, demands that are all met in full measure by GnestaPenseln. The fact that some of our GnestaPenseln product prices are about twice those of other brushes on the market is easily balanced by our brushes lasting more than twice as long and remaining in excellent condition. This is a matter of some serious consideration when the overall quality and finished product are to be taken into account!