Advice and Care instructions

Because the brushes contains pure bristles, it it essential that the bristles are not subjected to drying solvents, without afterwards re-greasing the brush.

Before use: oil impregnate (with cooking oilo, canola oil, motior oil, etc.) throughout the brush for a few days. Then wash out the brush with a oily soap.

After painting with water based paints as well as “old” colours such as distemper, wash the brush throughly with oily soap and water.

After painting with oil based paints, do not use drying cleansers. Finish with a oily soap wash.

It´s important to smell the brush, rightly washedm it should just smell soap or maybe pig bristles.

If you have a longer painting break, lubricating the brush with oily soap and shape the brush so it doesn´t "stick out", keep the brush together like that. Then wash throughly remove the soap before use.

You can also hang the brush in a jar/bucket with oil and leave it that way. Here the brush will keep It´best until next season´s use.
NOTE! Linseed moil has a risk of spontaneous combustion in contact with dry objects.

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